Deformable Mirror Technology

MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) Deformable Mirror systems are the fastest, highest resolution wavefront control devices on the market today. Boston Micromachines' deformable mirror (DM) technology solve an array of wavefront control problems and enable the highest performance instruments in the world. From astronomy to microscopy to laser communication, the high speed and resolution of BMC DM devices offer unmatched control for most applications.

MEMS Deformable Mirrors

The Boston Micromachines' DM design is simple in concept and enables high-speed, high-resolution control.

An actuator array is built upon a cartesian layout of electrodes. The supported mirror facesheet movement enables better control compared to the competition. In addition, the architecture of the MEMS DM technology enables the fastest response time of any wavefront correction device due to the stiffness of the silicon structure. And, the precision is only limited by electronics designed specifically for our systems. The standard driver enables 14 bit average step size giving the DM an unmatched level of precision. If more higher resolution is desired, reduced step size is available.

Finally, the scalable fabrication process allows us to create multiple devices in large quantities, enabling lower cost at high volumes. Select here to learn about specific BMC mirror models.

Select the right deformable mirror for your application
Boston Micromachines offers two architectures for wavefront correction. Standard DMs are a simple architecture used across an array of adaptive optics applications. This mirror architecture is also used for high speed focus control . Hex DMs offer an alternative form of wavefront control which are poplular in next generation microscopy and astronomy applications.

We can help find the right wavefront corrector for you.

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