Deformable Mirrors for Focus Control

MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) Deformable Mirror systems are the fastest, highest resolution wavefront control devices and are well-suited for high-speed focus control. Whether you are scanning a spot axially through a 3-dimensional space or contouring a bessel beam for light-sheet microscopy, the Boston Microamachines architecture is optimal for high-precision focus control.

Focus Shape

High Speed Focus Control

The Boston Micromachines' DM design is simple in concept and enables high-speed, high-resolution control.

An actuator array is built upon a cartesian layout of electrodes. The supported mirror facesheet movement enables unmatched control. Our standard driver enables 14 bit average step size yielding almost continuous motion but with digital input.

Finally, the scalable fabrication process allows us to create multiple devices in large quantities, enabling lower cost at high volumes making the BMC DM optimal for OEM applications. Select here to learn about specific BMC mirror models.

Applications Using Focus Control

  • The Abberior MINFLUX Microscope

    Our first OEM application using the Multi-DM, the Boston Micromachines deformable mirror architecture enables high speed focus control. Paired with the high-speed X-Driver, the Multi-C-1.5 enables volumetric imaging with nanometer precision utilizing this next-generation technique of super-resolution microscopy. Click below to learn more about the MINFLUX Microscope.

  • Multi-Photon Imaging at UCSF

    In the Poskanzer lab, researcher Alba Peinado has utilized the Multi-5.5 DM to sweep through a range of shapes to capture multiple planes of the sample. Click below to learn more

Improve your image acquisition speed

Boston Micromachines Corporation has the focus corrector to help you make your imaging instrument concept a reality. Click below to learn about our standard products.