Deformable Mirror Accessories

Boston Micromachines is happy to provide accessories or add-ons that you may need for your optical setup process or DM system. Please contact us for more details about the options below.

Multi Flat Setup Mirror

Flat Setup Mirrors

Setup and coarsely align your optical system prior to using a Boston Micromachines deformable mirror. Now available for most models including the Multi-DM, and Kilo-DM. Save time and reduce the risk to your DM. Contact us for more information.

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Open Loop Shape 5-5 Multi Deformable Mirror

Open Loop Calibration

For users who prefer to operate our mirror in deflection-space over command-space, we offer an upgrade to our basic control software. This option simplifies the use of the mirror in open loop situations where closed-loop operation is not desired or orthogonal shapes need to be generated. This can be purchased with your mirror or any time thereafter to enhance your DM control experience. This capability can be implemented in your existing software setup using any of the already-available software drivers included with your DM system.

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Deformable Mirror Custom Cables

Custom Cables

Custom Cables that connect the Boston Micromachines deformable mirror to their respective driver can be provided upon request. Cables can vary in length for an array of system setups. Contact us for more information.

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Custom Wavelength Window

Custom Wavelength Protective Windows

BMC Deformable Mirrors are available with standard windows attached to protect the mirror surface. If a custom wavelength range is desired with higher transmission, a custom solution can be used. Contact us for more information.

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Kilo Vacuum Purge Window

Removable Vacuum/Purge Window

BMC offers a removable window with added environmental control ports for users who want one of the following options: 1) Removal of the protective window from the DM housing. 2) Use of purge gas for environmental control. 3) Vacuum implementation to optimize mechanical response time by critically damping the deformable mirror actuators.

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Filter Board Oscillioscope

High-Resolution Upgrade

The High Resolution Upgrade to the Kilo-Driver / S-Driver enables control of Boston Micromachines DM hardware with increased resolution. The improvement incrases the step size available by 2 bits of control resolution. This translates to 16-bit control for the Kilo-Class Driver and 14-bit control for the S-Class Driver.

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Hermetic Sealing

Hermetic Sealing

For users who would like an added level of isolation from the elements, we offer hermetic sealing on select models of our deformable mirrors. These mirrors meet the requirements of the MIL-STD-883 specification. Prices vary based on product.

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We can find the right accessory for you

Boston Micromachines Corporation has the best components available to help you make your research project a reality. Unsure which deformable mirror accessories will best suit your needs? We can help you make the optimal choice so that you can focus on moving your research forward.