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Adaptive Optics Correcting for Highly Scattering Media: A New Approach

Scattering media can be a real headache if you are looking to achieve high-resolution, deep tissue in vivo images. Without adaptive optics, do not anticipate having the optical control you need to correct for scattering media effectively. But no need to worry, we have a solution.

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Photonics West/BiOS Exhibition Recap

Just a few weeks ago we arrived back from the Photonics West 2014 exhibition and conference in San Francisco, CA. I wanted to share details and further observations on the show for those present at the show and those not being able to attend this year.

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Further focus at CLEO 2013

It’s been a few weeks since we returned frocleo resized 600m the Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics 2013 and now that we’re settled back in to the daily routine, I thought I would give some highlights on the show.

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Dr. Meng Cui of HHMI Discusses Deep Tissue Microscopy Technique

Our customers are constantly making exciting scientific discoveries and……..

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