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By Michael Feinberg Date January 18 2010

     Welcome to the Boston Micromachines Corporation blog, where we will strive to talk about the latest news in our company as well as in the adaptive optics industry at large.

     When we decided to undertake this initiative, we asked ourselves, “How can we make an impact?” Well, there are of course many ways to make an impact: Increasing sales, increasing awareness of adaptive optics and deformable mirrors or even giving people a window into our operation and what we do. We decided that we would do all of these and more. It’s great for the company to increase sales, it’s great for everyone to increase awareness and it’s definitely interesting to let people know about activities in our company. But, will this really make an impact? We think we can go further by not just letting everyone know about the latest news, but giving our perspectives and opinions, based on over 10 years of experience in the field. We also want all of you to chime in as well: By including an array of opinions and viewpoints, we feel that it will lead to better technology and more innovative efforts and maybe even convince some people who aren’t quite convinced that AO is the way to go with their optical instrument.

     So, please feel free to chime in and help us make an impact. We plan to present lots of content on things around the industry from major construction projects to new markets down to small research grants (which we know aren’t small to those who get them!).

Written by:

Michael Feinberg

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Michael Feinberg is the Vice President of Marketing at Boston Micromachines Corporation. He has over 10 years of marketing and engineering experience in various technology fields. He can be reached at mrf@bostonmicromachines.com and welcomes any comments about the content presented herein.

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