Optical Modulator

Boston Micromachines' versatile modulator product can be used as part of an integrated solution or as a simple component. Our optical modulator is vital to researchers just like you, as these tools give you more control over light.

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MEMS Grating Modulator

An inexpensive, component designed for a range of applications

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Thorlabs Laser Power Modulator

Designed for Multi-photon microscopy, this versatile solution can be used across a range of applications.

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MEMS based optical modulation

  • Why use our optical modulator technology?

    Options such as our MEMS Grating Modulators allow you to modulate light, which provides you with more control over commonly used alternatives. This helps generate the optimal intensity profile for a variety of applications. This could be a beam with smooth intensity variation or a beam with variable duty-cycle for pulse picking.

  • Picking the right product for you

    Purchasing the optimal product for shaping light is vital to your research as it allows you to gather the most accurate data when studying images or measuring specimens. Choose from one of our options above, or contact us for more information.

Not sure which optical intensity modulator to buy? We can help find the right modulator solution for you.

Boston Micromachines Corporation has the right modulator component available to help you make your project a reality. Unsure which model will best suit your needs? We can help you make the optimal choice so that you can focus on moving your research forward. And if your application would be more successful using an acousto-optic modulator or an electro-optic modulator on the market, we’ll suggest the right one for you.

Please contact us if you have questions about our optical modulators or if you need help determining what to buy to enhance your research.