Privacy Policy​

Boston Micromachines Corporation Privacy Policy
Boston Micromachines respects your privacy and will only use the information you voluntarily provide to us (opt-in mail lists, web forms, emails, or other methods) to serve you directly. We will not sell or distribute any information you provide without your express written permission. It is our practice to provide an opportunity for any person to remove themselves from a BMC distribution list by sending us an email removal request.

Boston Micromachines does not employ cookies on this website. A “cookie” is a small text file placed on your computer that serves to identify your computer and could contain information about you. Cookies are commonly used on the Internet for various purposes.

Other Sites and Business Partners
Boston Micromachines may provide links that redirect you to third-party websites. These websites maintain wholly separate privacy and operating policies that are not affiliated with BMC.

Boston Micromachines reserves the right to modify any and all BMC policies, without prior notice,  especially as they pertain to new website services.

The above are declarations of our current internal guidelines, per your convenience. These policies are not a contract.