Laser Research

Improve the performance of your application with advanced laser beam shaping. Whether you are interested in binary optical modulation or more sophisticated intensity or phase control, Boston Micromachines can provide a solution to satisfy your needs. Our products and solutions are perfect for wavefront engineering as well as intra- and extra-cavity beam shaping.

We help our partners solve challenges around laser applications

Laser beam shaping is an enabling technology used in a number of sectors for industrial, military, medical, engineering, and R&D purposes. Maybe you’re trying to control the spectral phase of a laser pulse to overcome aberrations. Or maybe you're shaping the beam by concentrating the laser energy or generating several beams to increase the throughput of your process. While there are many different solutions available to you, we are confident our experts can help you find the best and most cost-effective solution for your specific needs.

Our products were built for your laser application needs

We have a wide array of solutions to meet your specific needs. From our MEMS Grating Modulator for intensity modulation to our Standard Deformable Mirrors for phase control, customers trust our products for their demanding laser research applications.

Looking for a customized wavefront shaping solution? Click on the products below to find out more.

Standard Deformable Mirrors

Ideal for a range of laser applications, our mirrors offer sophisticated aberration compensation in an easy-to-use package. Use it with our upgraded driver (X-Driver) to receive the fastest in class response time from your deformable mirror setup. Learn more on the Standard Deformable Mirrors page.

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MEMS Grating Modulator

Our Optical Modulator products are perfect for laser research and other intra- and extra-cavity intensity modulation. Learn more on the MEMS Grating Modulator page.

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Hex Class Deformable Mirrors

The unique Hex mirror architecture has the ability to tip, tilt, and piston multiple segments for an alternative method of wavefront control. Learn more on the Hex Class Mirrors page.

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Adaptive Optics Software

Boston Micromachines' customizable Adaptive Optics Software Development Kit (AOSDK) gives operators the ability to implement adaptive optics without the need for intense, low-level programming. Learn more about BMC's Adaptive Optics Software Development Kit (AOSDK).

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Let’s work together to optimize your laser application

We believe it should be easy for you to find the best solution to your laser application needs. We’re the partner that will give you the solution, even if it’s not ours. Let us worry about choosing the best solution for your laser application so you can focus on moving your research forward. Contact us today.