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MEMS Deformable Mirrors vs. Liquid Crystal-Based Devices

Before Deformable Mirrors became popular in the Adaptive Optics industry, consumers would generally turn to liquid crystal-based device (LCOS) spatial light modulators to confront their challenges

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FAQ: BMC Deformable Mirrors for Laser Applications:Power

About half of our customers use our deformable mirrors for laser applications, such as beam shaping or steering. We get a lot of questions pertaining to laser power and handling for both our deformable mirrors and modulators.

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FAQ: BMC Deformable Mirrors: Windows

For those interested in using our deformable mirrors with laser applications, there are a few common questions which are asked in regards to the AR-coated window and if it is/can be removable.

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FAQ: BMC Deformable Mirror Reflectivity

One question that tends to be asked quite often is the reflectivity our deformable mirrors can achieve. This depends on a couple of factors such as mirror coating, protective window AR coating and the wavelength of the light.

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What Do You REALLY Want in a Deformable Mirror?

This past summer, Boston Micromachines Corporation conducted a survey of nearly 300 members of the business and scientific community to find out what features were valued in a deformable mirror for adaptive optics

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How to select the right deformable mirror for you Part 2: Beam Shaping

In our second installment of this series designed to boil down the questions that need to be answered before selecting the right mirror,

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How much freedom does your deformable mirror have?

Although William Wallace shouted this in the movie, “Braveheart,” as he died in the hopes to inspire others to join his fight

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How to select the right deformable mirror for you Part 1: Imaging

In this multi-part series, I will be exploring the basic questions that one needs to answer in order to determine

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