Hex Class
Deformable Mirrors

Our Hex deformable mirrors are a practical alternative to our Multi DMs.
Hex Tip-Tilt-Piston deformable mirrors are well suited for an array of applications from in vivo microscopy to high-resolution astronomy. The unique Hex mirror architecture has the ability to tip, tilt, and piston multiple segments for alternative wavefront control.

Our Hex deformable mirror design provides a wide range of light shaping performance features.

Our tip-tilt-piston functionality provides the researcher or commercial technician with the ability to achieve precise control.

The BMC Hex-class mirrors range in size from our smallest with 111 actuators (Hex-111) to our largest with more than 3,000 actuators (Hex-3063).

DM Specifications* Total Actuator Count** Total Segment Count Stroke (μm) Aperture (mm) Frame Rate (Latency)
Hex-111 111 37 3.5 3.8 8kHz (125μs)
Hex-111-X 100kHz (2μs)
Hex-507 507 169 8.3 30kHz (22μs)
Hex-507-LL 50kHz (17μs)
Hex-1011 1011 337 11.6 30kHz (22μs)
Hex-1011-LL 50kHz (17μs)
Hex-3063 3063 1021 1.5 20.6 15kHz (64μs)
*Fill factor >98% (DM), Surface figure: <30nm
**Custom actuator counts available upon request

Where Can Hex Class Deformable Mirrors Be Used?

  • Astronomy

    Boston Micromachines Hex DMs are installed in prominent astronomical testbeds around the world to help researchers improve wavefront correction capabilities, and can be used as primary mirror surrogates to enable cutting edge telescope concepts.

  • Microscopy

    Hex-TTP mirror systems allow users precise wavefront control through alternative methods used in multi-photon microscopy. These yield higher resolution images deep in samples.

  • Laser Research Applications

    In contrast to liquid crystal spatial light modulators (SLMs), MEMS deformable mirrors have recently emerged as a high-speed alternative with significant advantages. MEMS DMs are also more cost-effective, more optically efficient, and can perform simultaneously at multiple wavelengths.

Explore Hex Deformable Mirrors for Your Next Research Project

Our Hex mirrors are among the most unique optical solutions on the market today. Interested in finding out which Hex deformable mirror would work best for your application? All you need to do is tell us your needs and specifications. Contact BMC today to request a quote.