Acousto-Optic Modulator replacement with the MEMS Grating Modulator

Boston Micromachines offers an alternative to acousto optic modulator technology with its MEMS Grating Modulator for broadband intensity modulation. The MGM is useful as an acousto optic modulator and pockels cell replacement for large optical aperture applications that are polarization sensitive,.

MEMS Grating Modulator Actuation

Broadband Intensity Modulation

How does it work?
The MEMS Grating Modulator is a reflective diffraction grating with controllable groove depth. It modulates intensity by switching between an unpowered flat mirror state and a powered diffractive state. Simply adjust the maximum depth of deflection and modulate the central intensity of your beam with high levels of extinction.

Broad Wavelength Range
Unlike standard acousto optic modulators, each MEMS grating modulator diffractive component is designed for optimal performance over a range of wavelengths. The longer the wavelength, the more deflection is needed to maintain high contrast between the modulated and un-modulated beam. The device's gold-coated membrane enables wavelength modulation from the visible to the far infrared (FIR) with peak extinction in the visible and near infrared (NIR) and lower extinction in the FIR.

Fast Response Time = High Speed Modulation
While the frequency of the MEMS grating modulator is not as high as some acousto optic modulator devices, it is wavelength adjustable and has a frequency range of DC to 200kHz with full modulation, which satisfies many applications. Higher speeds are possible with partial modulation. Use your MEMS Grating Modulator to replace a pockels cell or use it as a substitute for your acousto optic modulator (AOM) or electro-optic modulator (EOM) for applications that require higher throughput. MEMS grating modulators works as a replacement in various applications such as laser communication and multi-photon microscopy, and their performance can be customized to user specifications.

Find Out More about this Acousto Optic Modulator replacement
The MEMS Grating Modulator is both an integrated product and a stand-alone component and is for sale through Thorlabs. Choose from the Thorlabs Fast Power Modulator to provide high-speed intensity modulation and beam attenuation for your imaging application or the MEMS Grating Modulator component for more custom applications.

We can design a custom optical modulator for you

When it comes to using optical modulator products, intensity modulators are not one size fits all. Our team at Boston Micromachines Corporation takes your unique specifications and customizes a MEMS Grating Modulator that best suits your needs. Get in touch with us to create a quote.