Broadband Optical Modulator (BOM)

Boston Micromachines has extended its ability to shape light to include a new class of products designed for broadband intensity modulation. Whether you are interested in binary optical modulation or more sophisticated intensity control, the Broadband Optical Modulator (BOM) can provide a solution to satisfy your needs. Our intensity modulation products are perfect for laser communication as well as intra- and extra-cavity beam shaping.

We utilize commercial semiconductor batch processing techniques to create our Broadband Optical Modulators

The Broadband Optical Modulator is a reflective diffraction grating with controllable groove depth which modulates intensity by switching between an unpowered flat mirror state and a powered diffractive-state.

Each device is designed for optimal performance up to its maximum deflection over a range of wavelengths. To attain peak extinction, the user simply tunes the deflection at a given wavelength. Modulators are designed to be operated using a well-conditioned high voltage source.

Our modulators are wavelength adjustable and have a frequency range of DC to 200kHz with full modulation and higher speeds with partial modulation. Use your Broadband Optical Modulator to replace a pockels cell or use it as a substitute for your acousto-optic or electro-optic modulator for applications that require higher throughput. MEMS modulators have proven versatility across various applications, and their performance can be customized to user specifications.

Choose from the Thorlabs High Speed Optical Modulator to provide high-speed intensity modulation and beam attenuation for your imaging application or the BMC Broadband Optical Modulator (BOM), for more custom applications.

  • "[The BMC] modulator is advantageous over the acousto-optic types because it is free from the dispersion effects and delivers better spatial resolution for the focused laser."

    Byung Hee Son, Researcher

    Department of Physics and Department of Energy Systems Research, Ajou University, Suwon 443-749, Korea

    Son BH, Park JK, Hong JT, Park JY, Lee S, Ahn YH. Imaging ultrafast carrier transport in nanoscale field-effect transistors. ACS Nano. 2014;8(11):11361‐11368. doi:10.1021/nn5042619

We can design a better modulator for you

When it comes to finding solutions for your application, MEMS optical modulators are not one size fits all. Our team at Boston Micromachines Corporation will take your unique specifications and customize an optical modulator that best suits your needs. Get in touch with us to create a quote.