Adaptive Optics Software
Development Kit (AOSDK)

Boston Micromachines' customizable AOSDK gives users
the ability to implement adaptive optics without the need
for intense, low-level programming.

BMC provides discrete software modules that can accelerate and simplify development.

Either select components from our existing portfolio or choose your own hardware. BMC will provide you with the building blocks necessary to achieve seamless integration with your deformable mirror, while also compensating for wavefront phase errors.

Our goal is to reduce the time and resources needed to allow for closed-loop wavefront control. BMC provides discrete software modules that can accelerate and simplify development.


Wavefront Correctors

  • BMC
  • Thorlabs


  • Thorlabs
  • Uniq

Sensor Interface

  • Various available

Software Features

  • Reconstructed wavefront measurement
  • Graphical rendering of WFS data
  • Automatic calibration of the WFS
  • Metric-based “sensorless” control
  • Dual-DM “woofer-tweeter” control (coming soon)

Each module is designed to accept defined outputs from your specified hardware. Contact us to find out about the latest SDK-compatible hardware, and how we can help you integrate your components into your application.

How can the AOSDK help you?

  • Microscopy

    Our customizable AOSDK integrates seamlessly with BMC’s latest deformable mirrors to allow researchers an optimal experience in confocal microscopy.

  • Laser Applications

    The AOSDK allows for the user to take advantage of wavefront sensorless techniques to compensate for turbulence that can otherwise distort laser beams over long-distances.

  • Thorlabs AO Toolkit

    If you are looking for a solution that enables quick integration with hardware included, our partner, Thorlabs, integrates our Multi-3.5 DM with ThorLabs’ AO Toolkit.

Let us create a development kit for you

Boston Micromachines can provide the resources you need to implement wavefront correction. Contact us today to learn more about our latest software techniques, or to create a quote for your customized adaptive optics solution.