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A high-precision wavefront manipulator for astronomy and optical communication applications

The TTP-DM (Tip-Tilt-Piston Deformable Mirror) is an enabling component for precise, high speed wavefront control. With 331 independent mirror segments controlled to under 1 nm of precision and no hysteresis, this system is ideal for demanding applications in astronomy and optical communication. Each segment has three piston actuators, allowing three degrees of freedom. The high-speed electronics driver is capable of 60 kHz frame rate and 14 bit step resolution. Originally developed for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory under an SBIR contract, the TTP-DM will be used for a visible-nulling coronograph as part of the Terestrial Planet Finder – Coronagraph (TPF-C) program to control subaperture wavefront phase (piston) and amplitude (tip/tilt).

TTP Schematic
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Customization Opportunity

The TTP-DM is a platform on which Boston Micromachines plans to develop a family of products which can function for specific wavefront correction applications. The specifications listed below are for a device that was created for a specific need. Many of the parameters listed can be modified for specific applications. Please contact us to arrange a meeting with our engineering team to discuss how the TTP-DM can be customized for you.

  Hex TTP

DM Specifications

  • Segmented Surface
  • 993* actuators
  • 331* hexagonal segments (3 actuators per segment)
  • Coating: Aluminum or Gold
  • Zero hysteresis
  • Fill Factor: <99%
  • Sub-nm average step size
  • Surface Finish: <10 nm RMS
  • Stroke: 2.0 μm
  • Maximum Tilt angle: +6 mrad
  • Aperture 9.3 mm
  • Segment Size: 600 μm

* Custom actuator counts available upon request


Driver Specification

  • DIO Interface: PCI-X/PCIe 32-bit LVDS (200 MB/s)
  • 14 bit step resolution
  • Frame Rate (latency): 30 kHz(33 μs) or 60 kHz(17 μs)
  • Power consumption: 60 W
  • Dimensions: 5.25" × 19" × 14" (3U Chassis)
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