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Advanced solution for high speed at a low price. Ideal for increased depth imaging through turbid media.

The Kilo-S-DM is an enabling component for fast and precise wavefront control. By paiting our Kilo-DM with the high-speed S-Driver, the system can achieve speeds up to 60 kHz. This system is ideal for increased depth imaging and correcting for scattering media at a lower price.

Kilo-DM   S-Driver

Kilo-S-DM Specifications


S-Driver Specifications

  • Continuous (DM) or Segmented (SLM) surface
  • 32 actuators across a square active aperture (1020 total) or 34 actuators across a circular active aperture (952 total)
  • Stroke: 600 nm
  • Coating: Aluminum, gold or protected silver
  • Protective window with AR coating
  • Zero hysteresis
  • Fill Factor >99% (DM), 98% (SLM)
  • Sub-nm average step size
  • Surface Finish: <20 nm RMS

492-DM also available as option

  • DIO Interface: SFP fiber link (2.5 Gbps) via PCIe card
  • Latency: 22.7 µs
  • Maximum Frame Rate: 60 kHz
  • Resolution: 12 Bit
  • Average Voltage Step Size: 14 mV
  • Dimensions: 3.5” × 19” × 14” (3U Chassis for 19” Rack
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Learn about multi-photon-microscopy for more information on the application use

Kilo-SLM Performance Testing

Maximum update rates
  • Small displacement:  >50 kHz
  • Mid-range displacement:  >20 kHz
  • Full-range displacement: >10 kHz
MEMS SLM Segment displacement vs. frame rate

All pictures and videos courtesy Precision Engineering Research Lab (PERL) @ Boston University, Thomas Bifano, Director of the BU Photonics Center

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