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Reflective Optical Chopper


Reflective Optical Chopper

Optical Modulator

Modulating RetroReflector
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ROC is designed to out-perform the traditional optical chopper in many ways

The Reflective Optical Chopper offers greater frequency range with faster chopping speed without alteration of the beam size. The Modulator component works as a reflective diffraction grating, chopping the beam by varying between an unpowered flat mirror-state and a powered diffractive state. With a module that easily fits into a standard 1” optical mount, the ROC is operable within minutes of unpacking. The ROC can be operated either in standard mode with the on-board signal generator, or in custom mode using a user-generated 5-volt TTL signal.

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Contrast ratio vs. Frequency


Chopper Specifications


Driver Specifications

  • Frequency range: 0 Hz to 100 kHz
  • Dimensions: 2.5" L × 1.1875" dia.
  • Active aperture: 8.5 mm
  • Wavelength adjustable
  • Gold reflective coating
  • Contrast ratio: >90% up to 100 kHz
  • Extinction ratio:
        600:1 (1st order)
        50:1 (0th order)
  • Fixed Response time: 40 μs


  • Enclosure dimensions: 8" × 8" × 3"
  • Power supply: 100–240 VAC
  • Available inputs
    On-board (50% duty cycle operation)
        0.01 Hz resolution
        150 kHz range
  • User-input (5V TTL signal)


Mounting Options

  • Standard 1" Slip Ring (pictured)
  • Tip-tilt Gimbal Mount




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