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BMC deformable mirrors are advanced wavefront control devices that consist of a mirror membrane supported by an underlying actuator array. Each actuator in the array can be individually deflected by electrostatic actuation to achieve the desired pattern of deformation. Unlike piezoelectric mirrors, electrostatic actuation ensures mirror deformation without hysteresis.

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light modulator

An economical solution for wavefront correction
32 actuators, 1.5 - 2.25 mm aperture, 1.5 - 5.5 µm stroke.

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A versatile, robust system for advanced wavefront control
140 actuators, 3.3 - 4.95 mm aperture, 1.5 -5.5 µm stroke.

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A solution for advanced wavefront control at a more affordable price. 492 actuators, 6.9 mm / 9.2mm aperture, 1.5 Ám / 3.5 Ám stroke.

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beam shaper  

An advanced technology ideal for demanding applications in astronomy and laser communication
952-1020 actuators, 9.3mm / 13.2 mm aperture, 1.5µm / 3.5 µm stroke.

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Superpenetration Multi-Photon Microscopy Technique  

An advanced solution for high-speed control at a low price
Up to 1020 actuators, 9.3 mm aperture, 600 nm stroke.

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High spatial-resolution wavefront correctors for next-generation applications in astronomy and laser communications.
2048 actuators, 3063 actuators
or 4092 actuators

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Hex TTP-DM  

A high-precision wavefront manipulator for astronomy and optical communication applications
This hexagonally segmented device is suited for phase and amplitude modulation, with each segment able to fully utilize three degrees of freedom

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Linear Array  

A high-precision wavefront corrector for spectral and temporal phase control
The Linear Array-DM is a single row of actuators that can be used to accurately shape a specific component of a pulse.

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Product Upgrades


High speed drivers for the most demanding adaptive optics applications.
Speeds >100 kHz, <4 µs latency

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Deflection-space control is now available on select models for better ease-of-use and flexibility

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Hermetic Sealing  

BMC has developed a mirror casing which offers improved isolation from harsh environments

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