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The +K-DM Family: High spatial-resolution wavefront correctors for next generation applications in astronomy and laser communications.

Boston Micromachines Corporation is leading the industry in high actuator-count MEMS deformable mirror technology. These mirrors are fielded at prominent astronomical facilities around the world to improve wavefront correction capabilities, enabling cutting edge science.

The 4K-DM is currently installed on the Gemini Planet Imager instrument, capturing its first light image in November 2013. Our 3K-DM is included in the design for multiple space telescope concepts. Finally, the 2K-DM is currently installed as an enabling component in the Subaru Coronagraph Extreme Adaptive Optics (SCExAO) Instrument and has been on-sky multiple times.

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MEMS Deformable Mirrors

MEMS deformable mirrors are the most commonly used architecture in many AO applications given their versatility, the maturity of technology, and high-resolution wavefront correction capabilities. Using advanced, inexpensive manufacturing technology, MEMS DMs' performance strengths are inherent to micromachining:

1. Large arrays create high resolution wavefront correction.
2. Advanced microstructures allow minimal influence between adjacent actuators for high spatial frequency surfaces.
3. Optimized design enables rapid wavefront shaping for high speed applications.

  Kilo-DM cross section

2K-DM Specifications

  • Continuous or segmented surface
  • 2048 actuators
  • 50 actuators across the aperture
  • Active Aperture: 20 mm
  • 1.5 μm stroke
  • Approx. Mechanical Response Time (10%-90%) <75 μs
  • Approx. Interactuator Coupling (±5%): 15%
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  Subaru Coronograph
  To the right our 2K-DM assembled on the Subaru Coronograph Extreme Adaptive Optics (SCExAO) instrument

3K-DM (or Hex-ttp 1021) Specifications

Continuous/Segmented Hex TTP    
  • 3063 Actuators
  • 62 actuators across the aperture
  • Active Aperture: 18.6 mm
  • 1021 hexagonal segments
  • Active Aperture: 21.1 mm
  • 19 rings of hexagonal segments
  • 1.5 μm stroke
  • Approx. Mechanical Response Time:
    (10%-90%) <75 μs
  • Approx. Interactuator Coupling (±5%): 15%

4K-DM Specifications

  • Continuous surface
  • 4092 actuators
  • 64 actuators across the aperture
  • Active Aperture: 25 mm
  • 3.5 μm stroke
  • Approx. Mechanical Response Time (10%-90%) <100 μs
  • Approx. Interactuator Coupling (±5%): 13%
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4K-DM Performance

4K performance

Gemini Planet Imager testing results

Left: Example of wavefront error (WFE) that the 4K-DM is expected to see due to atmospheric turbulence when the instrument is installed on the Gemini telescope.
Center: The controlled DM shape to correct for the WFE.
Right: The residual error after correction (<λ/20)

For more on-sky information click here.

+Kilo-DM Driver


Driver Specification

  • DIO Interface: 32-bit LVDS (200 MB/s)
  • 14 bit step resolution
  • Frame Rate:20 kHz
  • Dimensions: 5.25" × 19" × 14" (3U Chassis)

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