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hubtech21 | January 8, 2010

Boston Micromachines snags SBIR grants for optics tech

Optics technology-maker Boston Micromachines Corp. reports it has landed about $200,000 from NASA to develop optics technology.

The $200,000 comprises two Phase 1 Small Business Innovation Research grants. Under one of the grants, Boston Micromachines will partner with Boston University to develop a microelectromechanical systems-based actuator device for use with deformable mirrors used in NASA's imaging technology. The researcher's goal is to develop a driver with a minimum hundred-fold reduction in power consumption and a tenfold reduction in size, while maintaining a high level of precision and decreasing costs.

Under the other SBIR grant, Boston Micromachines will develop a process for making high actuator count deformable mirrors used in space-based imaging instruments. The goal of the process is to create larger deformable mirror devices that shape more light using less hardware in fewer configurations

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