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Modulating RetroReflector (MRR)

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Low Power MEMS Modulating Retroreflector for Optical Communication

When mounted as one facet of a hollow corner cube retroreflector, the BMC MEMS Optical Modulator is capable of passively returning light from an interrogating laser source while simultaneously modulating its intensity for asymmetric communication. In its unpowered state, the device acts as a typical retroreflector, returning a high percentage of the light to the source. In the powered state, most of this light is now scattered.

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MRR Schematic
The MRR system has been demonstrated to provide continuous asymmetric free space optical communication at a 180 kHz data rate. The MRR subcomponent is housed in a compact, easy-to-integrate package geared for laboratory technology demonstration, shown below. This technology can be used out of the box or integrated into a complete setup through the use of standard optical components. The MRR can be paired with the Reflective Optical Chopper Driver to enable immediate testing of an optical protocol using a standard TTL input. See below for complete device specifications.  

Customization Opportunity

The MRR is a device that can be customized for specific applications. The specifications listed below are for the current device that is intended for laboratory and research applications. Please contact us to arrange a meeting with our engineering team to discuss how the MRR can be customized for you.

White paper

MRR Specifications

  • Continuous Surface
  • Single-actuation design
  • Binary step feature
  • Housing diameter: 1 in
  • Aperture 14 mm*
  • Coating: Gold
  • Beam deviation: <30 arcsec
  • Surface Finish: <6 nm RMS
  • Switching speed: From 20 µs

* Custom-sized apertures available upon request


Click here to download our Whitepaper on the underlying Optical Modulator technology as well as standard and custom MRR design details.

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