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Adaptive Optics Solutions

Adaptive Optics Kit
Adaptive Optics Whitepapers Adaptive Optics Whitepapers
BMC and our partner company, Thorlabs, offer complete, customizable adaptive optics systems that utilize our deformable mirror technology to provide total solutions to your wavefront control needs. Whether you are looking to learn more about the principles of adaptive optics or implement a useful tool in your optical system, our Adaptive Optics Solutions can meet your needs.

The Wavefront Sensorless Adaptive Optics Demonstrators

Customizable platforms for utilizing metric-based wavefront control with BMC MEMS deformable mirror technology. Available with all products.

Boston Micromachines currently offers two variations of the WS-AOD for the following applications. Please click below for the corresponding schematics and hardware descriptions

Wavefront Sensorless Adaptive Optics Demonstrator–Imaging Wavefront Sensorless Adaptive Optics Demonstrator–Beam Shaping

Partner Solutions

  Adaptive Optics Kit

Using our 3.5 µm-stroke deformable mirror platform as the enabling component, the Thorlabs Adaptive Optics Kit offers a total solution for wavefront correction. Available in Mini-DM and Multi-DM versions.

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