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Instrument Functions: Enhanced Offset Aperture Imaging

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The Apaeros Retinal Imaging System also enables enhanced imaging techniques through the use of offset aperture imaging. By varying the aperture size and location, a tradeoff can be made between resolution and contrast. Below is a comparision of imaging with varying confocal aperture sizes:

150 µm aperture 100 µm aperture 50 µm aperture 25 µm aperture
Offest Aperture Imaging
Max. contrast Offset Max. resolution
Offset Aperture Imaging of a Microaneurysm
150 µm aperture,
no offset
100 µm aperture,
no offset
300 µm aperture,
200 µm y-offset
500 µm aperture,
300 µm y-offset
Offest Aperture Imaging
Max. contrast Offset Max. resolution


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