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A high performance wavefront corrector for demanding applications in astronomy and lasercomm

The 492-DM is an enabling component for precise, high speed, high resolution wavefront control. With 492 actuators controlled to under 1 nm of precision and no hysteresis, this system is ideal for demanding applications in astronomy and laser communication. The high-speed electronics driver is capable of 60 kHz frame rate and 14 bit step resolution. As an alternative to the popular Kilo-DM, the 492-DM can be used at a lower cost with powerful results.

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492 mirror closeup

Mirror Close-up

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MEMS Deformable Mirrors

MEMS deformable mirrors are currently most commonly used in many AO applications given their versatility, the maturity of the technology, and their high-resolution wavefront correction capabilities. Using advanced, inexpensive manufacturing technology, MEMS DMs performance strengths are inherent to micromachining:

1. large actuator arrays create high resolution wavefront correction
2. advanced microstructures allow minimal influence between adjacent actuators for high spatial frequency surfaces
3. optimized design enables rapid wavefront shaping for high speed applications

  492-DM cross section

DM Specifications

  • Continuous (DM) or Segmented (SLM) Surface
  • 492 actuators (24 across a circular aperture)*
  • Coating: Aluminum, Gold or Protected Silver
  • Protective Window with 400-1100 nm, 1550 nm or 550-2400 nm AR Coating†
  • Zero hysteresis
  • Fill Factor >99% (DM), 98% (SLM)
  • Sub-nm average step size
  • Surface Finish: <30 nm RMS
  • Stroke: 1.5 μm, 3.5 μm
  • Aperture 6.9 mm, 9.2 mm
  • Pitch: 300 μm, 400 μm
  • Approx. Mechanical Response Time
    (10%-90%): <20 μs
  • Approx. Interactuator Coupling (±5%): 15%

* Custom actuator counts available upon request
Custom AR coatings available upon request


Driver Specification

  • DIO Interface: SFP Fiber Link Connection via PCIe Interface Card
  • 14 bit step resolution
  • Maximum Frame Rate: 34 kHz / 60 kHz (Low Latency)
  • Response Time: 30 μs / 17 μs (Low Latency)
  • Power Draw: <40W
  • Dimensions: 5.25" × 19" × 14" (3U Chassis)

Software Specifications

  • Windows XP/7, Linux OS Compatible
  • Basic Operation software included
  • C/C++, Matlab and Labview drivers included
  • Linux drivers available
  • Labview Beta Software available
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